A Women's story

Once upon a time...

Emma, AlpenToffee family


Emma was a wonderful cook, with a penchant for homemade candy, to the delight of her 5 children, and also of her many friends in the mountain village where she lived. She collected recipes from all over the world and refined them in her personal way, making them very special. Later on, the collection of the family recipes was handed over to her youngest daughter.


Tina kept the book among the family treasures, picking up the most tasteful recipes for the family table. One of them was chosen to celebrate the end of a very hard time, a time of food deprivation during World War II. It was the most tasteful and luscious personalised recipe for candy, with plenty of fresh, full milk and brown sugar at last! A cascade of delicious little gold-brown squares for the whole village to enjoy. The recipe was handed over…

Tina, AlpenToffee family
Gabriella from AlpenToffee


Gabriella, the daughter of Tina, kept preparing the goodies for her children, and, on festive occasion, for their little friends and families. The little gold-brown squares were much appreciated and eventually the request became extensive. A larger production should have been necessary to cover the demand, but it was much later, with the help of her daughter…


Elena, that she would be able to carry out the long coveted project of sharing the delightful taste and the sublime sensation of beautiful, serene, youthful and hopeful times with other people.Two powerful generations of women would now work as a team. Great!

Elena from AlpenToffee

A production site was found, as well as a marketing director. Who would be better at this, thought Elena, than her brother Andreas, now a skilled and stated professional in the food industry, with whom she shared so many youth memories as well as the love for candies…

AlpenToffee portrait of key figures Andreas and Elena
Did they already know that one day they would work together...

2018 The name


was chosen for the delicious caramels, a brand name that brings back sweet memories no one in the world wants to forget.